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Hostel Drama: Hilarious Tales from the Hostel


Ah, hostel life – that magical time when your diet swings wildly between instant noodles and “do we have anything other than instant noodles?” But fear not, for I come bearing the gospel of survival and rib-tickling tales from the hostels. Whether it’s your first dive into the world of hostels or you’re an old hat at dodging laundry duty, we’ve got something for everyone. So, grab a seat (preferably one that isn’t already occupied by someone’s laundry pile), as we embark on this hilarious journey through the ins and outs of student living. From mastering the art of claiming the best fridge shelf (a spot more fiercely contested than the Iron Throne) to the whispered legends of the Elite Hostels and the Best Student Hostel in Kenya, where the mattresses are rumored to actually support human life, we’ll cover it all.

4 Sharing Room
4 sharing room

Let’s decode the mysteries of survival, find out the real Price in Kenya for a decent hostel, and share a laugh or two along the way. Alright, recruits, pencils at the ready – you might want to take notes. This is your essential guide to navigating the bustling, laughter-filled corridors of hostel life.

Benefits of Living in Elite Hostels

Living in Elite Hostels is like being in a reality TV show, but instead of being voted off, you learn to live with a bunch of unique characters from around the globe. Here are some undeniable perks:

Community Living

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First off, community living. Imagine having a squad ready for any adventure without the hassle of syncing calendars. Hostel life brings together students from different backgrounds, each with their own set of stories that could either entertain you for hours or make you wonder how humans are such a diverse species. It’s like being in a live episode of “Friends,” only, you can’t switch them off. But on the bright side, these relationships often turn into lifelong friendships, proving that enduring someone’s snoring can indeed bring people closer.

Cost-Effective Accommodation

Next, let’s talk cash—or the lack of it because that’s a perpetual student situation. Hostel living is the wallet-friendly hero you didn’t know you needed. While your friends in private apartments are dreading their monthly rental bills, you’re chilling with extra cash that can be well spent on necessities like midnight pizza runs or that textbook you swear you’re going to read next semester. Elite Hostels, often hailed as the Best Student Hostel in Kenya, offer premium amenities without the price tag to match, making you feel like royalty on a budget.

Challenges Faced in Hostel Life

Of course, hostel life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. It comes with its own set of challenges.

Noise and Privacy Issues

First, the battle of noise vs. your sanity. Imagine trying to study or sleep, and there’s a party in the hallway—or worse, in your room. Privacy? It’s a myth in hostels. Your headphones will become your best friend, and you’ll master the art of changing clothes under a blanket. It’s all about survival, folks.

Shared Facilities

Then, there’s the adventure of shared facilities. The queue in the morning to use the bathroom can rival that of a concert ticket sale. And the kitchen? It’s a place where culinary disasters occur, and everyone’s diet consists of instant noodles, not by choice but by necessity. However, these moments are character-building and make for hilarious stories to share (or scare) future generations of hostel dwellers.

Remember, whether it’s the Elite Hostels or the quaint rental down the street, the experiences and life lessons you pick up along the way are priceless. So pack your sense of humor along with your belongings—you’ll need it!


Essential Items to Pack for Hostel Life

Stepping into hostel life is like entering a jungle; you better come prepared unless you fancy waking up in the middle of the night to a chorus of snores without a single blanket in sight. Let’s get you hostel-ready with a survival kit that’ll make Bear Grylls proud.

Bedding and Towels

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First things first, your bed is your kingdom. Bring a comfy duvet or a blanket that screams ‘you’. Why? Because your bed is the closest thing you’ll get to a personal space. It’s where you’ll retreat after a day of academic battlefields or those wild, unexpected movie nights that just happen. And don’t forget a couple of towels – one for your squeaky clean self and the other for… everything else. You’d be surprised how a dry towel becomes a multifunctional tool in a hostel.

Shower Caddy

2 Sharing Room
2 sharing room

Imagine this: It’s 7 AM, you’re groggy, and you need to navigate through a bathroom that looks like a scene from a horror movie, cluttered with mysterious bottles and unidentified goo. The solution? A shower caddy. It’s not just a container; it’s your personal shower assistant, holding your soap, shampoo, and dignity together as you venture into the communal showers. Plus, carrying it back and forth ensures you get that minimal arm workout done, too.

Kitchen Essentials

Unless you plan on surviving solely on instant noodles (a valid but risky strategy), packing some basic kitchen essentials is crucial. A sturdy mug (for all your beverage needs), a plate, a bowl, and cutlery should cover the basics. Oh, and a can opener – you’ll thank us when you’re facing a can of baked beans at midnight with nothing but a spoon and sheer willpower.

Managing Roommate Relationships

Roommate Stock Illustrations – 496 Roommate Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime
Living with roommates is like being on a sitcom: sometimes it’s a comedy, sometimes it’s a drama, but it’s always memorable. Here’s how to keep the vibe more ‘Friends’ and less ‘Game of Thrones’.

Communication Tips

Clear communication is the secret sauce to a harmonious roommate relationship. Don’t assume your roommate can read your mind because, spoiler alert, they can’t. Be upfront about your preferences and schedules, but also be a good listener. Remember, it’s not just about co-existing; it’s about thriving together. And who knows? Today’s roommate could be tomorrow’s bail-out buddy or the future godparent of your pet chameleon.

Setting Boundaries

Conflict Prevention Through Setting Boundaries
Setting boundaries is like drawing an invisible line in the sand with a neon sign – it’s necessary. Be clear about what’s off-limits, whether it’s your food, your belongings, or your treasured alone time. Respect goes both ways; don’t borrow their stuff without asking, even if it’s just a tiny, seemingly insignificant hair clip. Establishing these rules early on can prevent a small annoyance from turning into World War III. Remember, it’s all about balance, mutual respect, and maybe hiding your favourite snacks.

Balancing Study and Social Life in a Hostel

Maintaining the perfect equilibrium between cracking the books and cracking up with friends in a hostel is an art form. Let’s explore the Mona Lisa of schedules and the ultimate party manifesto to get you through.

Creating a Study Schedule

importance of effective college assignment management

Think of your study schedule as a sacred scroll – one that guides you through the tumultuous seas of hostel life without crashing into the island of procrastination. Start by listing out your classes, assignments, and exams. Prioritize them like you would food at a buffet – the must-haves, the good-to-haves, and the if-there’s-room-at-the-end. Now, carve out specific times during the week dedicated solely to studying. Be realistic; if you’re not a morning person, scheduling study sessions at the crack of dawn is as effective as a chocolate teapot. Remember to pencil in breaks—aim for a 10-minute breather every hour to avoid turning your study session into a snooze fest.

Participating in Hostel Activities

the rongai renaissance
Elite Hostels

Now, onto the fun part! Participating in hostel activities is like adding sprinkles to the vanilla ice cream that is life. These activities range from movie nights and group outings to impromptu dance-offs in the common room. The trick is to find a balance. Treat these activities as the reward for a good study session. It’s like telling yourself, “If I hit the books for two hours, I can join the karaoke night guilt-free.” This way, you’re not only feeding your brain but also nourishing your soul. And who knows? You might discover your hidden talent is not accounting, but actually yodeling.

Safety Tips for Students Living in Hostels

Hostel life can feel like a never-ending episode of a sitcom, but safety should always be in the script.

Locking Valuables

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First rule of hostel living: Treat your valuables like a secret treasure. Invest in a sturdy lock and make your locker, suitcase, or any secure spot your best friend. Whether it’s your passport, your grandma’s ring, or your favorite socks, keep them locked up. This isn’t just about preventing theft; it’s about peace of mind, so you can focus on more important matters like your midnight snack run.

Reporting Security Concerns

Premium Vector | Security button. hand pressing red button. push finger. vector illustration flat design. click button isolated on background. beginning action, concept. sos icon.
If your hostel was a superhero movie, the security team would be the Avengers – always ready to battle the forces of evil. Or, in this case, any security concerns you might have. Notice a sketchy lock on the back door? A window that won’t close properly? Report it. Not only are you doing your part to keep the hostel safe, but you’re also ensuring that the next episode of the hostel sitcom doesn’t turn into a horror movie. Remember, the real power lies in communication, not in pretending to be a ninja with a broomstick when you hear a strange noise at night.

Handling Homesickness and Mental Well-being

don't give up. You are not alone, you matter signage on metal fence

Oh, homesickness! That sneaky little emotion that makes you miss your family’s weird Sunday brunches and even your little sibling’s annoying pranks. It’s like a rite of passage for every hostel dweller. But fear not, dear reader, for we have some top-tier strategies to combat those blues and keep your mental well-being in check!

Staying Connected with Family and Friends


First off, staying in touch with your loved ones is key. Thank heavens for technology, right? Regular video calls can literally bring your family into your room (minus the ability to steal your snacks, thankfully). Share your daily hostel escapades with them – yes, even the ones involving burnt toast at 3 AM. It’ll make you feel less like you’re on a different planet and more part of your usual crazy household. And don’t forget your friends! Group chats are basically virtual living rooms where you can all hang out, share memes, and remind each other that you’re not alone in this wild ride called hostel life.

Seeking Support from Hostel Staff

Believe it or not, hostel staff are not just there to enforce curfews and scold you for sneaking in past midnight. They’re actually pretty cool humans who understand the rollercoaster of emotions that come with living away from home. Feel free to approach them if you’re feeling low or just need someone to talk to. They can offer support, advise, or even just lend an ear for you to vent about how much you miss your dog. Remember, everyone at the hostel is part of your extended family now, and there’s always someone around to help you navigate through the tough times.


Well, folks, it’s been quite the journey through the wild safari that is hostel living. From the great laundry battles to the midnight snack heists, it’s clear that surviving the hostel lifestyle requires a mix of cunning, humor, and maybe a little bit of luck. But fear not! Arm yourself with these tidbits of wisdom, and you’ll be navigating the tricky waters of hostel life like a seasoned captain.

the rongai renaissance

Remember, every hostel warrior has their own unique tales of victory and… let’s call them ‘learning experiences.’ Whether you find yourself in the Elite Hostels, searching for the Best Student Hostel in Kenya, or calculating the Price in Kenya for your next student living adventure, always keep your wits and your humor about you.

the rongai renaissance

In the grand scheme of things, these hilarious tales and survival tips are more than just stories; they’re the badges of honor that come with the territory. So wear them proudly, share them loudly, and let’s continue the tradition of making hostel life the unforgettable adventure it’s meant to be. Here’s to the memories, the laughs, and the friendships forged in the least expected places. Cheers!

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