Our state-of-the-art wireless network connectivity is open and accessible throughout. We do not limit downloads or access, assuring our residents unrestricted use of the web. Students may use the Internet for such purposes as conducting literature searches, research, e-mail, chatting, as well as entertainment.


We have two buses to move our clients between the facility and their respective colleges and universities. Each state-of-the-art bus has a modern, well equipped interior to ensure maximum comfort during travel. The seats are not just amply spaced, but are comfortable, with side armrests to maximize comfort and relaxation during the journey to and from the facility.

Great Food

We are proud to say that we work with the best to ensure your comfy stay. As a result we have hired an in house chef qualified in giving you the best food in town with a touch of a professional.


Enclosing this sheltered facility is a high perimeter concrete wall whose top is secured with impenetrable, razor-sharp barbed wire. We also have two security guards keeping watch day and night. What’s more, our door finishing is top-notch, which makes break-ins unlikely. To crown it all, we are located barely 500 meters from the police station.


Elite goes beyond ordinary standards of cleanliness to ensure that the facility at all times maintains the highest standards of health and hygiene. The institution has a team of dedicated janitors and caretakers who follow a strict schedule of replacing, cleaning and vacuuming to ensure that the facility is always hospitable and habitable. The practice at Elite Hostels is that residents simply put litter in disposable bags, which they then place on the doorstep. Our team of caretakers does the rest.


Elite Hostels boasts lounges where clients relax, refresh themselves after a taxing day, and get entertained. In all, there are two lounges within the facility with fully subscribed DSTV connections. In the lounges are comfortable sofas to sit back and unwind.